I. Our purposes are to:

  1. Unite pagans in the North Florida/South Georgia area.
  2. Educate the general public as to the positive focus of our religious perspectives, thereby promoting goodwill, peace and religious liberty for the positive, earth-based religions, which we represent.
  3. Live in a manner, which honors our gods, our ancestors, and our descendants.
  4. Support one another within the Council in our healing, growth, and aspirations.
  5. Hold rituals on the Sabbats and other special occasions, in order to celebrate the seasons, work magick, recognize rites of passage, and honor the gods.
  6. Honor the Earth and all Her creatures as sacred, and work to heal and protect the environment within our community, throughout our nation, and across the world.
  7. Provide a forum for members to share and educate each other in regards to their particular path or tradition.

II. Commitment

  1. All members of this Council must have fully committed themselves to this purpose in their beliefs, their activities, and their lives.
    1. Qualifications
      1. Membership is open to all that agree with our Statement of Purpose. Members must have filled out a membership form and paid their yearly dues. We welcome all traditions, genders, sexual orientations, races, ages or paths to join for the betterment of our community and environment.
  2. Degrees of Participation and Membership
    1. All members are encouraged to participate in the discussion, planning and operation of Council activities.
    2. Membership runs from February to February.
  3. The Red Hills Pagan Council shall consist of all members and officers with a current membership form on file.
  4. Scope: The Council shall discuss all matters of:
    1. Program planning and activities;
    2. Membership;
    3. Finance and budget; and
    4. Outreach networking and affiliations.
  5. Facilitation: The President shall ordinarily chair meetings of the Council. Where s/he is absent, or chooses to delegate this responsibility, the Vice President shall chair the meeting.
  6. Method of Operation: The Council shall make decisions by consensus. When consensus cannot be reached, the Council may refer, by consensus, the decision to the President, who shall consider all that has been discussed and make the decision.
  7. Meetings: The Council shall meet at least monthly on a regular basis or as called by any officer.
  8. Quorum: A quorum shall consist of the active members present at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Council, with at least three of the four officers presiding, or three quarters of the active membership at any specially called meeting, with at least three of the four officers presiding.
  9. Any officer may appoint a proxy to act in their stead for regularly scheduled meetings. This does not apply to special meetings. For a quorum, there must be 2 officers and only 1 proxy per meeting. The president may appoint someone to act in a missing officer’s stead.

III. Offices and Duties

  1. President: Chairs the Council; coordinates the membership program; provides counseling as necessary; leads the Council in its activities; supervises the work of other officers; supervises any committees or subcommittees; represents the Council to the greater pagan community and to the public; enhances the inner strength and harmony of the Council; provides overall guidance to the work of the Council; and exercises final authority regarding decisions delegated by the consensus of the Council.
  2. Vice President: Chairs the Council in the absence of, or at the request of, the President; assists in coordinating the membership program; provides counseling as necessary; leads the Council in its activities; assists in supervising the other officers; shares the responsibility in supervising any committee or subcommittee; represents the Council to the greater pagan community and to the public; enhances the inner strength and harmony of the Council; leads in the defense of the Council where worldly dangers threaten it; and supports and encourages the President in the performance of his/her duties.
  3. Secretary: Keeps minutes of the Council meetings; handles correspondence as requested; maintains a Council history by keeping records of Council meetings and projects; notifies members of meetings and other important information; and keeps records of membership.
  4. Treasurer: Collects money, keeps accounts, makes purchases or reimburses others for authorized purchases; coordinates fundraising projects; and keeps files or records related to the Council’s legal status.
  5. Additional officers may be created and filled, as the Council deems necessary.
  6. Terms for Office:
    1. Nominations for new officers will be held after the monthly picnic in January of each year.
    2. Elections for new officers will be held after the monthly picnic in February of each year.
    3. There is no limit for service. Officers may continue to run for office for as long as they are willing to serve.
    4. In case of a vacancy of office before elections, an interim officer will be nominated and elected by the Council.
  7. Guidelines for Conduct:
    1. All members shall be guided by common sense principles of behavior necessary for the smooth running of the Council. Respect for each other’s opinions, choices, and privacy is mandatory.
  8. Voting:
    1. All individual memberships shall have one vote.
    2. In the case of family memberships, each active adult within the household shall have one vote, as well as active minor members in the household aged 13 and older, with parental consent.
    3. Whoever is chairing the meeting shall abstain from the vote. In the case of a tied vote, or inability to reach consensus, the decision may be made final by the chair of said meeting.
    4. In the case where a member will be unable to vote on an agenda item, said member has the option of voting by proxy vote, given to another Council member, preceding the vote.
    5. Any member may abstain from any vote.

IV. Council of Elders

  1. The Council of Elders will be established consisting of Crones (any woman aged 45 or older and/or who has passed menopause) and Sages (any man aged 50 or older), who have been active in the Pagan Community.
  2. The purpose of the Council of Elders is to act as consultants on delicate issues, resolution of conflicts, and/or in cases where consensus cannot be reached by the greater Council. The Council of Elders shall consider the matter and make recommendation(s) that will be presented to the greater Council.
  3. A minimum of five (5) appointments will be made by nomination, and the Council of Elders shall be self-governed.

V. Events

  1. Rituals:
    1. The Council will sponsor a public Samhain ritual the last Sunday of each October.
    2. The Council may sponsor rituals for the remaining Sabbats, and other occasions as the Council decides, open to the local pagan community only.
  2. Workshops:
    1. The Council will sponsor classes and workshops, which may be open to the public, or to Council members only.
    2. The Council will serve as a clearinghouse of information for classes and workshops open to the public, in which our members may be interested in attending.
  3. Field Trips and special events shall be held at such times and places as the Council decides.
  4. Picnics:
    1. The Council will sponsor a monthly, public “Pagan Picnic” on the second Sunday of each month.
  5. Meetings: General Council meetings shall be held the second Sunday of each month, immediately following the Pagan Picnic.
  6. All members are encouraged to attend, volunteer in, and participate in Council meetings, rituals and activities.
  7. Officers are expected to attend regularly scheduled meetings and encouraged to participate in Council-sponsored rituals and activities. If any officer attends fewer than 75% of regularly scheduled Council meetings, their status shall be subject to review by the Council.

VI. Budget

  1. Council income shall include donations, dues, profits from fundraising projects, and interest from banking accounts, if any, established by the Council.
  2. The budget shall be established and disbursements approved by the Council.
  3. The Treasurer shall make a full quarterly report of income and expenses to the Council on the first Sunday of the months February, May, August and November.
  4. All required forms and reports shall be filled with the state and federal government as required to maintain any legal status of the Council.

VII. Confidentiality

  • The names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other information relating to individual members of the Council shall be considered confidential and may not be disclosed to non-members without the permission of the individuals involved.
  • Disclosure of confidential information may, at the discretion of the Council, be considered a violation of the Council’s by-laws and grounds for expulsion from membership.

VIII. Amending Bylaws

  • Any part of these by-laws may be amended by consensus of a quorum of the Council.